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Xen-Tan® Premium Sunless Tan Skincare – Now With a Pump!

Dr. Cuite is pleased to offer award-winning Xen-Tan® Sunless Tan. Now you can stay out of the sun’s harmful rays and still get a summer glow! The key to realistic color in sunless tanning is a true olive undertone, and Xen-Tan® delivers, giving even the fairest skins the look of natural summer color.

Xen-Tan® is a once-a-week sunless tan lotion that gives you a deep, rich tan with just one application. A sheer instant color gives you a natural glow while your tan develops over time. A new time-release complex works with the tanning ingredients for a smooth flawless self-tan. Shea butter, vitamin E and green tea soothe and hydrate the skin. Paraben-free with a light scent of fresh vanilla.